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NTFS Data Recovery does what its name says – it recovers data from NTFS[?] partitions. Even if your system fails to start, NTFS Data Recovery comes to the rescue, restoring every file lost on your HDD.

NTFS Data Recovery
Author:The Undelete
Size:1696 kb
WinNT 4.x
Windows Vista
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The lost information is a curse of the modern digital world. Many things depend on data integrity, including business success. In spite of the fact that the storage media are being constantly improved, the problem hasn’t been solved yet. Though modern file systems are designed for long, stable operation, often they can’t keep up with the heavy workloads, and can even make the recovery process troublesome if the unexpected data loss happens. Any data loss is extremely unpleasant whether it is a customer database or a family album.

There could be many reasons that cause the loss of your data. It could be an accidental software crash, a power outage or a hardware failure.

However, quite often your information can still be recovered. If you deal with some critically important information, it is probably better to use the help of a specialized data recovery service. Data recovery companies use clean rooms and high-end equipment that allows reading information from the hard disk even after some serious hardware failures. Fortunately, such expensive services are rarely necessary as you can mostly recover your information all by yourself. You just need some sort of data recovery software, as well as to make a little effort to discover the interesting world of data recovery. In our today's review we will talk about a utility that allows restoring information from NTFS-partitions.

Today in our testing laboratory we’ll be analyzing NTFS Data Recovery, the product of The Undelete Company. The company has proven itself on the data recovery market with their first product – The Undelete, a stable and user-friendly utility designed for remote data recovery.

The authors used the experience they’ve got while developing The Undelete, and put it into their new product that recovers data from NTFS partitions. The product has abundance of useful features such as Live Preview window, search filtering, SmartSearch enhancement, and a well-organized folder with the results.

The size of the distribution kit is small; the installation will cause no difficulties to even a novice user. The installed size is only 2 megabytes. The installation and uninstallation are neat and clean. They don’t “overload” the system with extra libraries and drivers.
NTFS Data Recovery installation

Unlike some well-known utilities, NTFS Data Recovery runs directly from Windows. It does not require rebooting or booting from CDs or diskettes.

When the program starts, the user sees a neatly done wizard. Every user action is accompanied with the detailed instructions.

NTFS Data Recovery Wizard

NTFS Data Recovery Wizard: Map or Mount driveFirst, you choose the area of work. The program allows working with physical disks or partitions or with their images. The images are identical copies of a real partition, only they are stored in a file. This approach makes data restoration safe to the limit because you can experiment with your image as many times as you want.  You can safely use your drive and system while recovering lost information from the image at another computer, so no work interruption will occur.

NTFS Data Recovery Wizard: Select drive

When you’re done with Step 1, the wizard starts scanning the selected hard disk or partition. It’s a pretty lengthy process that you should not interrupt if you care about the erased files.  If you interrupt the scanning, you’ll still see some, but not all, of the erased files. You will have to start the scanning process all over again if you don’t see a missing file in that list, though. We advise you to close all working applications and then start scanning the disk. It will increase your chances to recover the information and speed up the partition scanning process. 

NTFS Data Recovery Wizard: In progress

After the long and boring part ends, you will see the list of files that NTFS Data Recovery had found on your drive. They are well organized in the folders in which they were originally located before deletion.

NTFS Data Recovery: recovered files listing

There is a Live Preview feature available that can show you the contents of any recoverable files so that you can know for sure what you will be able to recover and what not before paying for a license. It can preview pictures, office documents and many more file formats.


Pick a file or folder to recover. If you can’t find the needed file, be sure to check the “Recovered Files” folder, maybe you can locate it there. The files recovered with the SmartSearch feature are placed there, sorted by file type. These files may not belong to any real folder anymore, but they still remain on disk.

Don’t forget that you should never try to recover erased files and write them to the same logical disk they were located before deletion. This action can lead to unrecoverable files, and you can lose your data forever! The program will wisely warn you about this fact if you try to do so.

NTFS Data Recovery: recover it!
The unregistered version of NTFS Data Recovery has all the features of a fully functional registered copy, except that it will just display a preview instead of actually recovering a file. It’s a big advantage compared to similar products on the market: you can know for sure if it’ll help you or not before spending any money. Purchase a license key, and you’ll have your files safe in your pocket.

NTFS Data Recovery Features:

  • NEW! Pre-recovery Live Preview displays Office documents and pictures before recovery
  • NEW! Smart Scan prioritizes the recovery of documents, archives and pictures over everything else, ensuring the recovery of valuable information
  • Easy Recovery Wizard.
  • Works under Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server.
  • Supported file systems: NTFS, NTFS 4, NTFS 5.
  • Recovered files can be saved on any (including network) disks visible to the host operating system.
  • Creates recovery snapshot files for logical drives. Such files can be processed like regular disks.
  • Creates Virtual partitions. Such partitions can be processed like regular disks.

NTFS Data Recovery can:

  • Recover files from damaged disks
  • Recover files from inaccessible drive
  • Recover corrupt or damaged partition table[?].
  • Restore disks after crash
  • Unformat NTFS drives
  • Recover files deleted by accident
  • Recover Photos from the erased or formatted media
  • Undelete files deleted from the Recycle Bin.

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