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Partition Table Doctor is the only real Windows data recovery software for hard disk partition recovery, it automatically checks and repairs mbr, partition table[?], boot sector[?][?] of partition error to recover FAT16/ FAT32[?]/NTFS[?]/EXT2/EXT3/SWAP partitions.

Partition Table Doctor 3.5
Author:YIWO Tech Ltd
Size:4582 kb
Platform:Win 3.1x
WinNT 3.x
WinNT 4.x
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EASEUS Partition Table Doctor is supposed to help users repair damage to disk system structures including as partition tables and MBR. While the tool seems almost redundant with instant availability of Windows recovery console and its bootable DVD, EASEUS Partition Table Doctor provides something that Windows emergency tools do not have: a fully graphical user interface.

Windows has come a long way since the days of command-line user interface and disk repair tools with parameters to be specified as command-line switches. Many computer users today donít even know they exist, resorting to third-party tools to solve even obvious tasks. Even I would be tempted to just throw a Windows installation DVD into the DVD drive and use its Startup Repair tool should something happen to my hard drive instead of booting into console mode and invoking chkdsk and other command-line tools.

Who are the users of EASEUS Partition Table Doctor? Home computer users and general staff of computer recovery shops will certainly appreciate the ability of EASEUS Partition Table Doctor to fix things such as messed up partition tables and MBR records. The recent generation of lazy and uneducated wannabe system administrators can find this tool handy in production environments, as thereís very little room to screw things up without the command line. Besides, EASEUS Partition Table Doctor makes it easy to backup and recover exact configuration of the hard disk for those who like playing with their computers by installing and uninstalling various operating systems such as Linux and Ubuntu.

In our test lab, EASEUS Partition Table Doctor performs everything that it claims. It can back up and restore partitions, repair damaged partition table and the MBR. We would be really impressed if Windows Startup Repair (available on every Windows installation DVD) wouldnít do the same thing. There is one thing that Windows Startup Repair cannot do: backup and recover partition records. If you need this functionality, EASEUS Partition Table Doctor is the tool for you.


  • It can fix most types of corruption to partition tables and MBR.
  • Replaces Windows command-line tools with graphical user interface.
  • Really easy to use compared to Windows command-line tools.
  • Can sometimes recover partition errors missed by other tools, including Windows Startup Repair.
  • Allows backing up and restoring partition records.
  • Allows previewing root directories on partitions being recovered to ensure itís the correct one to fix.
  • Offers extras such as low-level disk dump editor.


  • Is often redundant as Windows Startup Repair is freely available on every Windows installation CD/DVD.
  • The price tag discourages computer enthusiasts, Linux and Ubuntu geeks; no free edition is offered.


If you need a no-brainer tool to recover corrupted partition tables and restore accidentally deleted partitions, or want to back up your entire disk configuration and be able to recover it in the future exactly the way it was, go for it. System administrators and computer geeks will probably do better with command-line tools, yet home users will appreciate the graphical user interface and reduced possibility of an error in fixing sensitive system structures.

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