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DiskInternals Partition Recovery can recover formatted, corrupted or deleted partitions. Following file systems are supported: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32[?], VFAT, NTFS[?], NTFS4 and NTFS5. No files will be lost from now on.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery 2.5
Author:DiskInternals Data Recovery
Size:3102 kb
WinNT 4.x
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A magic wizard to save your data and fix your disks and partitions.

Who it is for:

Home and corporate computer users without special knowledge about data recovery. Everyone who experienced data loss due to a system crash; users with damaged or inaccessible hard disks; everyone who wants handling complex data recovery issues on their own.


DiskInternals Partition Recovery is yet another tool for performing the data recovery on seriously damaged disks and partitions. If you've just deleted a bunch of files and want to get them back, pick an undelete or unerase tool from the corresponding section.

Caution: as always, exercise extreme caution when downloading and installing a data recovery product onto a PC with a corrupted disk. Never download or save anything onto the damaged drive. Never install anything, including a data recovery program, onto a damaged disk. Always choose another drive letter. If you don't have an extra hard drive available, use a USB[?] flash, a memory card from your digital camera, or even burn a CD. Breaking this simple rule will add to the corruption, and will make things worse.

Installing and running DiskInternals Partition Recovery is no different than any other Windows application except the precautions quoted above.

The first thing you notice when launching DiskInternals Partition Recovery is an invitation to one of the recovery wizards. If you are smart and know what the words 'FAT[?]' and 'NTFS' mean, you can click on those and save a few minutes it would otherwise take to determine what file system your system used when it still worked. Otherwise, just click on the first option like we did, and go on from there.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery - Start

The Partition Recovery Wizard takes its time to scan the entire surface of the damaged disk to locate the partitions. It's quite a lengthy process that may take considerable time depending on the size of the disk. The procedure works even if you accidentally formatted or re-partitioned the disk!

DiskInternals Partition Recovery - Wizard

In the end, you'll see a list of all partitions that were found on the disk. You can pick drives to unformat if that's the problem, or you can go directly to the file restoration. This can be the last step you need to perform, as simply unformatting the hard drive can solve your problem!

DiskInternals Partition Recovery - Search In Progress

Restoring the files is what DiskInternals Partition Recovery is designed for. You'll see a list of files conveniently structured into folders. Can you imagine an easier and more intuitive action than selecting files and clicking 'Next'?

DiskInternals Partition Recovery - Select Files To Recover

Talking about usability, DiskInternals Partition Recovery is clearly tailored to home and corporate users who want to handle the data corruption issue in place without referring to the recovery services or hiring the data recovery professionals. As such, the user interface is perfected to the extent that one can literally recover everything by simply clicking the 'Next' button and ignoring everything else!

DiskInternals Partition Recovery - Search Options

Aside from the 'Next' button, there are certain options that may become handy shall you decide that you need anything but defaults. If you are looking to recover only certain types of files, such as your Excel tables or Word documents, or maybe a family photo archive, you can specify the type of information to recover. If you only really care about the files that were recently updated (say, you have a day-old backup sitting on a shelf), you can specify the time period. There aren't too many options, but surely there aren't too few. You can certainly customize your search, limiting the possibilities to exactly the files you want to recover.


  • Recover lost and corrupted files
  • Recover files from damaged and inaccessible disks
  • Repair corrupted partition tables
  • Repair damaged file systems
  • Restore disks after a system crash
  • Unformat FAT and NTFS drives
  • Repair re-partitioned disks
  • Undelete accidentally erased files
  • Unerase files deleted from the Recycle Bin


We reviewed a numer of various DiskInternals tools, and none of them disappointed. DiskInternals is renowned for its careful consideration for usability, and this product is no exception. DiskInternals Partition Recovery does everything that it promises, and handles the most complex issues we've thrown at it graciously. The user interface allows everyone and their mom using the product and getting consistent positive results. Overall, a highly recommended product.

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