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NTFS is an advanced disk formatting used by XP and other modern OS'es. DiskInternals NTFS[?] Recovery is a fully automatic tool that utilizes NTFS features allowing you to recover files from disk volumes in case they were damaged

DiskInternals NTFS Recovery 2.7
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An Easy Way to Recover NTFS Disks

NTFS has won its place on the hard disks of modern and not-so-modern PCs. Nearly all computers used at homes and in the offices are using NTFS-formatted hard disks, and all computers sold with Windows XP or Vista come with NTFS-formatted hard disks. How does Diskinternals NTFS Recovery fare when recovering data from NTFS-formatted partitions? Read the review to find out!


NTFS was introduced as a long-awaited replacement of the aging FAT[?] file system many years ago. Providing numerous security, reliability and extensibility benefits, NTFS is advertised as a file system much more reliable than the FAT it replaced. Alas, NTFS-formatted disks can fail, and the file system itself can get corrupted after a system crash. Being a much more complex file system than FAT, NTFS is also much tougher to deal with; that includes all kinds of data recovery tools.

Data or System Structures?

When recovering a disk after a system failure, what do you put first: your data or the integrity of the file system? I bet it's the data, as there are not many people giving a damn to whatever "integrity" of something "system". But why the only data recovery tool that comes with Windows, ScanDisk, only repairs the file system and does not care a single bit for the data on the corrupted disk?..

Fortunately, there are third-party solutions to save your data first, and fix whatever system structures later.

Recovering Data from NTFS Disks

Diskinternals NTFS Recovery is designed to make recovering data possible to anyone who does not know and does not want to know anything about file system structures and their integrity. Featuring plain, straightforward user interface, Diskinternals NTFS Recovery starts as a wizard, allowing you to pick a drive letter or a physical hard disk to repair. Why discriminating between the letters and physical devices? They're different beings: severely corrupted hard disks don't show up as drive letters, or cannot be accessed as such.

In our test lab, we tried to reproduce typical conditions when Diskinternals NTFS Recovery will be most used. We created three partitions on our test disk, and filled all three with data, then formatted the disk and re-partitioned it with a single partition. Then we wrote some more files on it to make sure that the original file system is completely messed up.

After all the mess, we ran Diskinternals NTFS Recovery. When prompted, we selected the physical hard disk to recover. In a few minutes, Diskinternals NTFS Recovery scanned the disk and located partitions that used to be there. It took some more time for Diskinternals NTFS Recovery to scan the disk for recoverable files, and present a complete list before our eyes.

Diskinternals NTFS Recovery was able to locate most deleted files and all documents, pictures and archives that we put on the disk. The PowerSearch technology is responsible for the great results. You can read more about the technology in one of our prior reviews. In a word, PowerSearch does not rely on the file system (we messed it up) in order to locate the recoverable files, but uses a full surface scan instead. When scanning the disk, PowerSearch matches the contents of each sector[?] with pre-defined masks in order to detect the beginning and end of every file in one of over 150 supported formats.

The new FTP Export technology comes handy if you are short of a healthy disk on your system to put the recovered files to. Exactly as the name suggests, FTP Export stores the recovered files to an FTP server over the network.

Similar to other DiskInternals products, Diskinternals NTFS Recovery comes with pre-recovery Live Preview that allows viewing full-size previews of every recoverable file before saving it.


We recovered many recovery products by DiskInternals Company in our lab, and this one is just as good as the rest of the bunch. Providing easy and reliable data recovery to anyone with however little experience, Diskinternals NTFS Recovery is an invaluable tool.

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