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Restore My Files is a safe and affordable do-it-yourself data recovery solution that is designed to recover deleted files from media such as Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, SmartMedia, CompactFlash[?], Memory Sticks.

Restore My Files 2007
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Yet another file recovery tool aimed at home users, Restore My Files does everything the competition does, and offers usability enhancements not found in other products we tested so far. Featuring the now obligatory signature scan algorithm to locate and recover lost and deleted files from disks with missing or damaged file systems, Restore My Files can operate in Rapid Scan mode, allowing a typical hard drive to be scanned for recoverable files in just minutes.

Restore My Files can work around physically damaged bad sectors, allowing to recover most data even if the disk has been dropped. Restore My Files is smart enough to employ a fool-proof read-only file recovery, only allowing to write data being recovered to a different disk or media, thus preventing inexperienced users from causing further damage to data being recovered. The tool can go as far as reconstructing certain types of files if they come out damaged after being recovered.

In our experience, Restore My Files is indeed intended for those having little or no prior experience in data recovery. Its user interface is simple and fool-proof, and the tool does not allow its users to do anything that could cause damage to data being recovered.


  • Quick, fully automatic operation, really easy to use to anyone regardless of their experience or technical abilities.
  • Fully fool-proof, operating in read-only mode and enforcing the use of separate media to restore files to.
  • Makes damaging data being recovered nearly impossible even for the least experienced user.
  • Full pre-recovery preview of files in multiple formats.
  • Includes an obligatory signature search algorithm (trade name Rapid Scan).


  • None within its scope.


If you are looking for a data recovery tool that can be used by computer novices without deep (or any) understanding of what they are going to do, Restore My Files is an ideal solution. The tool does not allow doing anything remotely harmful, yet provides convincing results. Featuring a great deal of automation and including the fast Rapid Scan mode, Restore My Files will meet a warm welcome from computer novices. Advanced users and those who know what they are doing can look for a more sophisticated tool, though.

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