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Undelete Wizard is one of the most affordable data recovery tools tested by Recovery-Review. Does the unusually low price mean fewer features, or is it a hidden jewel? Read the full review to find out.

Undelete Wizard 2.14.1
Author:WizardRecovery Company
Size:4789 kb
Windows Vista
Windows 7
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Undelete Wizard: Value for Money

Undelete Wizard is the least expensive file and folder recovery product in the range of data recovery tools offered by Wizard Recovery Company. Does the low price translate into lesser abilities, or is it the bargain of the century? Read our test report to find out.


With many data recovery options available to modern consumer, there is a certain line that is drawn to distinguish between ordinary and excellent performers. In case of data recovery products, the truth is well hidden under the hood. Basic undelete tools rely solely on the file system to provide information about lost and deleted files. The better tools out there include some sort of advanced algorithms to locate more files and folders than the file system retains, which translates into much more robust recovery results and, naturally, more files that can be successfully recovered. Most free and inexpensive tools tested in Recovery-Review test labs lack any sort of advanced algorithms, showing mediocre performance.

Signature Scan Data Recovery

Undelete Wizard is a remarkable exception from the rule. Offering the companyís proprietary signature scan algorithm called PowerSearch, Undelete Wizard can perform comprehensive analysis of the disk surface in order to locate files and folders that no longer appear in the file system. Featuring the renowned PowerSearch algorithm in such an inexpensive tool is highly welcome, as it opens the possibility of doing the recovery right even to budget-conscious users.


As expected from a modern recovery tool, Undelete Wizard comes with a wizard-based user interface. Step-by-step interfaces are common with todayís data recovery tools for their simplicity. Thereís literally no room for making an error, thus data recovery wizards allow for error-proof recovery in the hands of the least experienced computer users. In our test lab, Undelete Wizard was able to recover exactly as many files in exactly the same manner as any other PowerSearch-equipped tool, which proves that the company did not strip any essential functionality off its entry-level product.

Also typical for modern data recovery tools, Undelete Wizard comes with pre-recovery preview, the feature that shows recoverable files in more than 150 formats before saving them on the disk. Also shared with other tools is the way that pre-recovery preview is available in both full and free versions of the product, while the ability to actually save recoverable files is only accessible by paid customers.

Supported File Formats

Featuring the full, not stripped-down in any way version of the PowerSearch algorithm, Undelete Wizard supports all the typical file formats we grown to expect of a modern data recovery tool. More than 150 types of files are supported by both PowerSearch and pre-recovery preview, including office documents, compressed archives, music, video, email and so on. This does not mean you canít recover a file in any other format; you can, but the tool will resort to the file system for information about the fileís exact location on the disk, which is exactly the way the older recovery tools work.


Undelete Wizard is just as good a data recovery tool as they come. Lots of robust performance is packed into a sub $50 product, making it the greatest value for money. If you ask us, itís one of the best investments one can make into such a tool. Sure, the more expensive products can fix the file system and partition tables, too; but how often do you need that compared to the need to recover a deleted file or extract information from a formatted memory card? Our advice: buy it!

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