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The Undelete Data Recovery Software can recover all types of files. No matter what was the reason of data loss: hardware malfunction, power cutoff, virus attack, program failure or human fault – the Undelete Data Recovery Software can recover lost or accidentally deleted files. Give it a try!

The Undelete Data Recovery Software
Author:The Undelete
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WinNT 4.x
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The Undelete Data Recovery Software

Reviewing numerous data recovery products by various manufacturers, we inevitably stumbled upon the line of recovery products marketed by The Undelete Company. Today, we are testing their signature product called The Undelete.

Why The Undelete?

As the name suggests, The Undelete is designed to take care of files that were accidentally deleted or removed from the Recycle Bin. When we started the tests, however, we quickly discovered that the tool is not limited to the task of recovering deleted files. Instead, The Undelete is a fully featured data recovery product that can restore data from damaged, corrupted and inaccessible drives and other storage media.

Using The Undelete to Unerase Files

We created a Word document and pasted four paragraphs of text while saving the document after adding each paragraph. The document has been closed and deleted directly, bypassing the Recycle Bin. Running The Undelete and running the disk scan presented a huge list of recoverable files. Finding our document would be a problem if not for real-time filters; simply specifying the .doc extension cut the list to just a few screens.

Unsurprisingly, we found exactly four copies of the test document. Which one is the latest revision? Simply clicking on the deleted documents presented a full preview of each file. One was garbage (the very first file got overwritten by a later copy), three were recoverable. We selected the file with all four paragraphs of text, and were able to save it onto a flash memory[?] card the next moment. Overall, a great behavior.

Using The Undelete on a Formatted Partition

There is a small partition residing on our hard drive that we use for testing of data recovery tools. Typically, between the tests we use this partition to hold a bunch of documents, pictures, and Temporary Internet Files that get written, deleted and overwritten all the time.

Anyways, we formatted this partition and copied a few files there to make the recovery a bit more challenging (after all, we're yet to test a recovery tool unable to retrieve files from a freshly formatted disk). The Undelete was able to recover most files with the exception of those that were physically overwritten with the new files.

Recovering Data from a Corrupted Flash Memory Drive

The Undelete claims to support other media besides hard disks. We quickly performed a test with a flash memory card inserted into a card reader, only this time we were dealing with digital pictures instead of Word documents. Originally bearing FAT32[?], the card was formatted with NTFS[?]. After running The Undelete, we were able to get back all of the pictures that were originally stored on that card, as well as several dozen images that were still there after some of previously performed tests. Overall, a great performance.

Unique Features

The Undelete features at least one feature we haven't seen in previously tested data recovery tools. The Smart Scan technology significantly increases the efficiency of data recovery on certain types of disks. According to The Undelete Web site, the product can automatically determine and recover the latest version of a file. Multiple versions of deleted files can overlap, exactly as demonstrated in our first test. The overlapping files occupy the same space on the disk, making the recovery of the only correct version a challenge. Instead of only processing files' attributes such as date and time of creation and modification, headers, The Undelete Smart Scan automatically scans and analyzes the contents of each file to select the correct version to be saved. This proprietary data recovery technology is only available for FAT32 disks.


The Undelete performed great in all of our usual tests. It is a perfectly usable, fast and convenient tool to recover lost and deleted files from your hard disk or other media. Although recovering just the data and not touching any of the damaged system structures, The Undelete plays in a niche of highly usable and very affordable recovery tools. Recovering most files without a sweat and taking special care of the really important stuff (documents, pictures and archives), The Undelete sits high on our list. The Undelete is highly recommended for all home users, SOHO and small businesses.

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