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If you want a fast and easy uneraser then you came to the right place – DiskInternals Uneraser can recover all your precious files in a matter of seconds! No need to investigate the labyrinths of complicated software – a simple and intuitive interface of DiskInternals Uneraser will guide you through the recovery process, so you can restore any type of data from your hard-drive, memory cards, flash USB[?] sticks, camera or other storage media.

DiskInternals Uneraser 3.7
Author:DiskInternals Research
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WinNT 4.x
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Diskinternals Uneraser: an Alternative to Free Undelete Tools

With the abundance of free undelete utilities crowding the market, Diskinternals Uneraser is a white crow that dares to charge a fee of $39 for essentially the same service. Is there anything in Diskinternals Uneraser that is worth the money, or are you better off sticking with a free undelete solution? Read our review to find out!

DiskInternals Uneraser main window

The Free Undelete Tools

Before we begin reviewing Diskinternals Uneraser, let us say a word about the free file recovery tools, of which there are many.

In principle, all of these tools are based on the idea of the ancient undelete.exe command that was first available with Microsoft DOS decades ago. All free undelete tools are based on the way that an operating system uses to delete files and folders. When you delete a file in Windows, its content is never gone from the hard disk. Instead, Windows simply marks its space as available, and changes the file system record about the deleted file to reflect its new status. Think of this whole thing as simply raising the ‘deleted’ flag on a file or folder, instead of wiping off its contents.

From the way it works, it is easy to see that simply re-setting the ‘deleted’ flag to its original, ‘non-deleted’ state is sufficient to get the file back with all of its original content. Or is it?

DiskInternals Uneraser wizard

Why Free Undelete Tools Can Fail

While you can succeed recovering a recently deleted file or folder, you better hurry: if Windows writes anything onto the disk that holds your deleted files, you may be out of luck. As the file’s disk space is advertised as available, Windows is free to use that space to store another file or write data on top of it. The file system is also prone to being written to and modified. With the enormous amount of hard disk activity that is present with Windows XP and especially Windows Vista, even if you don’t touch anything, your deleted files will be as good as gone in a short period of time.

Diskinternals Uneraser

As you can see, the free undelete tools can only work under limited circumstances. The free file recovery tools are often useless with latest versions of Windows, especially Vista.

Here comes Diskinternals Uneraser. Designed to take it from where the free tools stop, Diskinternals Uneraser really gets you a long way in an attempt to recover your data. It does so by offering numerous features that are unique to the DiskInternals company, and not present in any of the free data recovery tools. Namely, these features are PowerSearch, BootCD, Native RAID support and Live Preview of deleted files.

DiskInternals Uneraser search

PowerSearch: Locates Deleted Files That Nobody Else Can Find

PowerSearch is a proprietary technology developed by DiskInternals to allow Uneraser to locate and recover files on the disk that were partially overwritten or that are no longer present in the file system.

You see, an undelete program can only locate a deleted file if information about that file is still listed in the file system. If it is not, the undelete tool will fail as it has no clue of whereabouts of the file. PowerSearch removes the dependency on the file system by reading the surface of the hard disk and applying powerful filters to detect the beginning and end of each file. Not all files can be detected this way, but the list is long. Supported formats include office documents in a variety of formats, digital pictures, music and multimedia files, and many compressed archive formats, over 150 file formats as of the day of this writing.

PowerSearch: a Real-World Test

Does it really work? In a word, it does. It could find and recover all Word documents and 8 of 10 digital pictures placed onto a CompactFlash[?] memory card. The files were then deleted, and the card formatted and used to take a couple of pictures with a digital camera. As you see, the only files that were not recovered were the two that were physically overwritten with the new pictures taken and stored on that card.

Diskinternals Uneraser: Other Features

With many consumer systems today supplied with RAID controllers built directly into motherboards, Diskinternals Uneraser comes handy with the support of native RAID arrays. We tested another product by the same company, Diskinternals Raid Recovery, to prove this technology work. Read our Diskinternals Raid Recovery review.

DiskInternals Uneraser selecting files

BootCD is another interesting feature that allows you creating a bootable CD-ROM to recover files in case you cannot boot Windows, or just want to maximize your chances of successful recovery by preventing all write operations that Windows does routinely. BootCD is reviewed in a separate article.

Live Preview comes handy if you are about to recover the latest version of a document or spreadsheet among the multiple copies you saved over and over during the work. Live Preview allows you previewing the documents, pictures, archives and multimedia files in over 100 formats before you decide to recover. The feature is especially useful as an assurance of successful recovery: if you can see a preview of a document, than Diskinternals Uneraser can certainly recover it.

DiskInternals Uneraser preview

FTP Export allows you storing recovered files remotely over a network. You can use Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices or remote FTP servers to keep the entire contents of your hard drive if you’re short of a dedicated local storage of comparable size.


It is safe to conclude that Diskinternals Uneraser is well worth its price. Featuring the same technologies as the much more expensive recovery products and providing impressive recovery results, Diskinternals Uneraser is nothing short of amazing. Recovery Review award: BEST VALUE

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