PowerSearch is a proprietary data recovery technique used exclusively by DiskInternals Company in its disk and data recovery products. The technology allows locating and successfully recovering files in case of severe damage to the disk system structures such as file system corruption.

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PowerSearch scans damaged hard drives sector[?] by sector for lost files, and can locate and recover over a hundred file types. The technology does not rely on the file system in order to detect the beginning and end of each file, and is able to locate files that were deleted a long time ago, partially overwritten files and files that are no longer referenced in the file system. PowerSearch comes handy when a hard disk is reformatted or its file system is damaged or even destroyed completely. If the file system still exists on the disk it scans, PowerSearch matches information from the file system against files it detects on the disk to obtain as much information about every given file as possible.

The technology detects the beginning and end of supported files by matching the contents of the disk against a set of pre-defined signatures characteristic to supported types of files. PowerSearch recovers important user data such as Office documents, ZIP and RAR archives, digital pictures, databases, music and video files, and many other types of important data. The list of supported file types is constantly growing. For the most recent list of supported types of data, visit the DiskInternals corporate Web site.

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