Live Preview

Live Preview is a DiskInternals trademark of a technology that allows previewing recoverable files prior to saving them on a hard disk. Messing around with damaged disks and lost and deleted files is always dangerous. Live Preview ensures that the files are read and previewed without anything being written onto the hard disk.

Live Preview
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The DiskInternals implementation of the Live Preview technology works by recovering a file into your computer’s operating memory (RAM). The essential part of the Live Preview technology is that no information is ever written back to the hard disk, so that the recoverability of files and disks is unaffected.

Live Preview allows users to choose latest versions of Office documents among dozens of saved copies, and avoid recovering duplicate files or files that were damaged or partially overwritten. Liver Preview is invaluable when estimating the damage of a particular file, and is a perfect guarantee of recoverability: if a file is shown with Live Preview, it is certainly recoverable. Live Preview is one of the few features that are fully functional in all data recovery products by DiskInternals.

The technology works completely transparently to the user. Simply selecting a file name from the list of recoverable files triggers the display of its preview image. The preview displays documents as formatted pages, shows image files as full-size pictures, and allows entering ZIP and RAR archives. There are over 150 file formats supported by DiskInternals recovery tools with Live Preview.

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