BootCD is a proprietary technology to recover disks and data by booting Windows from a CD or DVD. BootCD is used by DiskInternals Company exclusively for its data recovery products. If a computer can’t boot Windows from the damaged hard disk, or if you want to maximize your chances of successful recovery of important data, booting from a CD is the only option. BootCD makes it possible to boot Windows complete with graphical user interface and pre-loaded data recovery tools directly from a CD or DVD with no need of having a working hard disk.

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Creating a bootable CD or DVD with BootCD is a matter of minutes. Simply download and run BootCD and follow the instructions of a step-by-step wizard. BootCD wizard requires a Windows XP or 2003 installation CD or DVD to make a new bootable disc. As a result, BootCD created a bootable CD or DVD disc that can load Windows without the hard disk.

Using the bootable CD or DVD is as simple as inserting a bootable CD or DVD into a CD/DVD-ROM drive and rebooting the PC. You’ll boot directly into Windows GUI, and will be presented a choice of DiskInternals data recovery tools to undelete deleted files, fix damaged partitions, or recover multiple types of data with various data recovery tools. However, you will not be limited to data recovery with BootCD; you will be able to browse Internet with FireFox.

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