Recovery Technologies

Different data recovery products apply different algorithms and use different technologies to achieve what they do. Some technologies are designed to locate missing files, while other concentrate on repairing damaged ones. Usability technologies may provide a unique way to do things in a manner that is more convenient than the competitors offer. In our reviews, we point out the different technologies, and review the interesting ones separately. If you are a technology freak, or just wondering what’s inside of those data recovery tools, this section is for you!


BootCD is a proprietary technology to recover disks and data by booting Windows from a CD or DVD. BootCD is used by DiskInternals Company exclusively for its data recovery products. If a computer can’t boot Windows from the damaged hard disk, or if you want to maximize your chances of successful recovery of important data, booting from a CD is the only option. BootCD makes it possible to boot Windows complete with graphical user interface and pre-loaded data recovery tools directly from a CD or DVD with no need of having a working hard disk.


PowerSearch is a proprietary data recovery technique used exclusively by DiskInternals Company in its disk and data recovery products. The technology allows locating and successfully recovering files in case of severe damage to the disk system structures such as file system corruption.

FTP Export

FTP Export is a DiskInternals trade name of a technology implemented by several manufacturers of various data recovery tools that allows saving recovered files to a remote server over FTP protocol.

Live Preview

Live Preview is a DiskInternals trademark of a technology that allows previewing recoverable files prior to saving them on a hard disk. Messing around with damaged disks and lost and deleted files is always dangerous. Live Preview ensures that the files are read and previewed without anything being written onto the hard disk.