Free File Wipe 1.5 proudly presents a first freeware file wiper from a new line of handy freeware tools. Free File Wipe allows you to delete any file easily and securely and none of the unerasers would bring it back. Enjoy this great tool for free.

Imagine a situation when you must delete/erase some data or file forever. This can be some secure data about your accounts or passwords stored on hard, floppy or flash disk.

But in fact, MS Windows (and other OS) doesn’t delete data in a secure way. They just marked deleted files in internal file allocation table as deleted and don’t erase it physically. So this is why you can restore deleted files with an eraser. Of course, it’s good news when you want to recover some accidental files or data, but, as noted above, it could be a trouble for you, if you want to delete something securely.

But has a solution for you! It’s called Free File Wipe, the freeware file and data wiper with a simple and user-friendly interface, but with good wiping algorithms.

Free File Wipe allows you to delete/erase/wipe any file from any media easily and securely and none of the unerasers would bring it back.

When you’ve deleted a file with Free File Wipe it’s gone forever.

Just complete these simple steps:

  1. Download the software from this page (red link at the bottom of this page).
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Run Free File Wipe.
  4. Choose disk, directory and file.
  5. Click Delete File button.

Enjoy this great tool for free.