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A specialized data recovery tool dedicated to recovering office documents and only office documents at three times the price of general-use data recovery tools. Is the premium worth paying? Read our test report to find out!

Office Recovery Wizard 2.13.9
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Recovering Lost and Deleted Office Documents

This specialized data recovery tool is dedicated to recovering files and documents produced in office applications. It costs over three times as much as some good general-use data recovery tools. Is the premium price worth paying? Read our test report to find out.


While there are many kinds of information stored on a typical PC, files and documents produced in office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, are among the most valuable. They are mostly unique and hard to replace. It would take significant time to re-create them. No wonder that, when a hard disk fails and thereís no backup available, users look for document recovery tools to get their files back.

Sure, there are many decent and even great tools that can recover all types of files including office documents. The better tools feature signature-search algorithms of some kind, which typically allows them to locate and recover files of supported types from badly damaged and formatted disks. Yet, specialized tools dedicated to recovering office-type documents not only exist, but are sold at a premium over generic undelete products. Our current tool being reviewed, Office Recovery Wizard, costs almost $140. The same companyís general-use undelete product, Undelete Wizard, is selling for only $40. Is the price difference justified?

Office Recovery at a Glance

Office Recovery Wizard is one of the better-designed tools we tested. The typical click-by-click approach to user interface is easy to use and to learn; no surprises here. It does feature a version of a signature-scan algorithm that only supports documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files produced by Microsoft Office 95-2007, OpenOffice 1 and 2, and StarOffice. Itís called PowerSearch. Typically for signature-scan algorithms, PowerSearch performs comprehensive analysis of the disk, locating files of supported types based on whatís read from the disk (as opposed to relying solely on the file system). Thereís the usual pre-recovery preview (more about it below). On our test bench, it was able to find and recover exactly as many office documents as other data recovery tools in its class. The product did not need Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or StarOffice installed in order to recover or preview documents.

Comprehensive Recovery for Office Documents

All is good when the documents are just lost, or have just been deleted. But what if parts of files are overwritten with other data, or are unreadable due to bad blocks on the disk? Other data recovery tools, including the companyís own Undelete Wizard, can extract a damaged file. But what are you going to do with it? It wonít be usable in an office application.

Office Recovery Wizard can actually repair a document if it turns to be damaged. Sometimes, the full content of a document can be recovered. More often than not, only meta-data is missing or damaged, with the original contents intact. However, even if thereís just a little bit of information left in a file, Office Recovery Wizard can successfully extract it, producing a document that can be opened with corresponding office applications ñ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on.

Pre-Recovery Preview: a Better One

Pre-recovery preview is a moot point in modern data recovery products. Typically included as a teaser for evaluation customers, pre-recovery preview displays the content of a recoverable document before saving it onto the disk. Only paid customers can save.

Office Recovery Wizard follows a similar route, with one exception: its version of pre-recovery preview will repair a damaged office document on-the-fly, being able to correctly display what other tools will show as garbage characters. A great and welcome addition.

Office Recovery: Supported Formats

Office Recovery Wizard supports a variety of file formats produced or supported by all applications that are part of Microsoft Office Suite 95-2007, OpenOffice 1 and 2, and StarOffice.


Office Recovery Wizard costs more than general-use data recovery tools. In fact, over three times more. However, if you are looking into recovering some valuable information in Microsoft Office format, the tool is irreplaceable. Its ability to undelete, recover, repair and preview corrupted documents on the fly makes it well worth the price ñ which is not that high for most offices anyway.

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