Recovery Review Updates SEOSmart Future PR

Recovery Review announces the update of SEOSmart Future PR, a free software tool for webmasters and SEO specialists to obtain Google PageRank values from multiple data centers. SEOSmart Future PR incorporates 94 data centers, and queries them all in a matter of seconds thanks to the improved multi-threaded algorithm.

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SEOSmart Future PR helps webmasters and SEO specialists make informed decisions on buying links and advertising from Web sites as well as on purchasing the entire domain names by verifying their Google PageRank data with 94 different data centers. The new SEO tool makes it possible to catch PR updates at early stages, giving webmasters a few days notice before their sites’ PageRank changes. Use built-in or custom data centers, work directly or through a proxy server, save and analyze log files in text and CSV formats for absolutely free! SEOSmart Future PR features no ads, pop-ups or captcha codes.

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