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Recover and repair deleted or corrupted Outlook Express databases and Vista Windows Mail messages. Even if your email is completely lost, DiskInternals Mail Recovery scans the entire hard disk, locates and recovers the deleted email.

DiskInternals Mail Recovery 1.2
Author:DiskInternals Data Recovery
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WinNT 4.x
Windows Vista
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Diskinternals Mail Recovery: Recovering Windows Mail Outlook Express Databases

It is hard to underestimate the importance of email in our work and our life. Fully recognizing the importance of daily correspondence, Microsoft has provided free email clients with every version of Windows: Outlook Express in Windows XP and older, and Windows Mail in Vista. Shall anything go wrong, should you rely on mail recovery tools provided by Microsoft, or is it better to seek for a third-party solution? Read our review of Diskinternals Mail Recovery to find out!

DiskInternals Mail Recovery main window

Windows Mail Recovery Tools

Email database files are among the most frequently accessed files, and the chances that something goes wrong with one or more of these files are higher than usual. While there are some basic recovery mechanisms built into both Outlook Express and Windows Mail, they are so basic that anything but very minor corruption makes it impossible to open the email application and access mail storage. The recovery mechanisms built into Windows attempt to fix damaged structures of an email database, and fail to do so if there is more than minor damage. There is also no easy way to access the built-in repair feature unless you are comfortable working in a command line.

DiskInternals Mail Recovery search

Diskinternals Mail Recovery

Diskinternals Mail Recovery is a mail recovery application coming from a third party company. There were many products by DiskInternals reviewed on this site. How does their email recovery product fare?

User Experience

Using Diskinternals Mail Recovery is plain and simple even if you never used any data recovery tools at all. With three easy options presented on the start, you are offered to either “Recover Email after a disk crash”, “Repair Outlook Express database” or “Recover Windows Address Book”. The options are self-explanatory, and choosing one or the other is simple and straightforward. If you need more information to make a decision, a paragraph of help is available to elaborate on each option.

DiskInternals Mail Recovery address book recovery

Once you pick an option, Diskinternals Mail Recovery performs the rest of the job completely automatically. In the lab, we placed a copy of Windows Mail database complete with EML files, folders and databases onto a test hard drive, reformatted and repartitioned the disk and attempted Option #1: “Recover Email after a disk crash”. It took Diskinternals Mail Recovery a bit longer than the advertised “few minutes” to back up the mail onto a separate media, but the resulting database was perfectly usable on a different Vista PC with a copy of Windows Mail.

More Than Meets The Eye

There is more to Diskinternals Mail Recovery than meets the eye. If your hard drive or partition is severely corrupted, damaged or plain inaccessible, there is no need to attempt partition recovery first and recovering email databases later. Instead, use Diskinternals Mail Recovery. A single tool is good for scanning the corrupted disk for Outlook Express and Windows Mail databases, and recovering them onto a safe, healthy media.

DiskInternals Mail Recovery database recovery

Diskinternals Mail Recovery uses the same PowerSearch technology employed in other products of the company. In a word, PowerSearch scans the surface of the disk regardless of what is left of the file system and other system structures, and locates, in this case, Windows Mail and Outlook Express messages and databases.

DiskInternals Mail Recovery finished recovery

New to Diskinternals Mail Recovery is the FTP Export feature that allows exporting an email database over the network to a remote FTP server. If you don’t have a separate healthy hard disk or partition, and there are no spare CD or DVD media, copying to an FTP server comes extremely handy.


It works, and it’s way better than the lousy mail recovery tools that come built into Windows Mail. Simple enough for anyone to use, powerful enough to recover email databases from corrupted, formatted and repartitioned disks with no sweat. Recommended!

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