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As Partition Magic alternative, EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Server Edition is a server partition management software for Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista 32 and 64 bit Operating Systems. Quick file-by-file copy to protect your data!

EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition 3.0
Author:YIWO Tech Ltd
Size:39075 kb
Windows Vista
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There is surprisingly little information about this partition management tool anywhere. Even its developers on the official Web site provide scarce information about the product, mostly re-iterating its abilities to manage partitions on hard drive media. What can the product really do? How does it fare performing real-world tasks? In our test lab we tried to obtain answers to these questions.

According to the developer, CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition is designed to help system administrators perform non-destructive operations on hard drive partitions. The tool allows moving, resizing and re-arranging partitions without losing data. This can be useful if one needs to split an existing partition in several volumes while preserving all files and data, merge several partitions into a single drive letter, or change the amount of disk space available to each disk. It could also come handy to computer enthusiasts wishing to install an alternative operating system without disrupting their regular work on Windows, although the steep price tag of just under $150 will probably discourage this type of an audience (note: EASEUS offers a free edition of this tool for home users). Therefore, system administrators are naturally the target audience for EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition.

Regarding its feature set, EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition does exactly what it claims to do. On our test bench, we were able to split a bootable Windows partition into two volumes, making the second volume available for a Linux installation. Later on, we were able to delete the Linux partition and append the available disk space to the original Windows volume, all without losing a single file on the original Windows partition.

Creating, deleting, splitting, resizing and rearranging partitions is not an everyday task, and EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition is clearly designed to make the administratorís job easy by offering a simple, fully graphical user interface. The GUI is intuitive enough, so we didnít have a problem performing our tests. Overall, a quite convincing performance.


  • It works.
  • Supports a variety of advanced features rarely available to users or GUI-based disk management tools.
  • Supports both server and workstation versions of Windows.
  • Compatible with hardware RAID arrays.
  • Usable interface, high-speed operation.


  • Expensive price tag discourages computer enthusiasts, Linux and Ubuntu geeks, although the free edition with less features is also available.
  • Spartan user interface (yet still easily usable).


At $149, you better know if the product is worth it for you. EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition is a perfect partition management tool for system administrators managing servers and workstations with extra-large storage and RAID arrays. Offering access to advanced properties of disk volumes and partitions (e.g. allowing to hide and restore partitions, make bootable disks and CDs), EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition is well worth its price if you are buying it for corporate use. Home users, computer geeks and Linux enthusiasts should probably look into trying the free edition instead.

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