At its core, encryption is all about keeping information viewable only to authorized entities. It’s a process that helps startups and established companies alike to protect their digital assets. Encryption comes in many forms — with one of those being the Encrypting File System (EFS).

Defining EFS


For those who use computers with a Windows Operating System such as Windows XP and Windows 10, the EFS exists as a technology working alongside with the New Technology File System. The EFS is responsible for supervising both file encryption and decryption. Like any other encryption method, the system is made possible using cryptography. Specialized algorithms secure the files in a given system.

Advantages of EFS

The primary function of EFS is to keep valuable data away from unauthorized individuals. A hacker or even a fellow worker with legitimate login permissions can open someone’s computer, but the EFS algorithm ensures that no one can browse the data files unless they have the key.

Another benefit of EFS is how convenient it is, so much so that a PC owner does not need extensive programming knowledge to protect their files.

Just go through a file’s properties window and then check the box for activating the encryption. If you have a bunch of files within a folder, you can do the same process for the folder to easily secure all the data. Decryption is as comfortable as unchecking the same box.

Avoiding Data Troubles

One common mistake employees often make is that they encrypt files that don’t need it. There are also those who mistakenly place transparent files in encrypted folders.

At work, there indeed are documents that must be easily viewable to anyone in the office. Thus, it’s important for everyone to know precisely when and how to utilize EFS. Furthermore, people can benefit from taking additional steps toward data security. After all, EFS does not protect files when they are transmitted from one network to another.

In this case, a VPN will significantly help. Once the concerned parties know how to test VPN encryption, they can proceed with sending data on the go — the private network enables secure file transfers even if both parties use public internet networks.

Overall, EFS is a technology that shouldn’t be taken for granted. With proper use, this will significantly prevent cases of hacking and data exploitation.