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Recovering photographic data was made easy with SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete! Thanks to the original algorithm of SoftAmbulance, now you can recover photos in a matter of seconds. Direct recovery from any digital camera, flash drives, hard drives, support of professional RAW formats, and many more - everything you need is in one easy-to-use application.

SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete 1.7
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SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete

Specialized recovery tools such as Photo Undelete by SoftAmbulance are easy to review: they either do it or not. We've been reviewing many general-purpose data recovery tools recently, putting them through all sorts of tests to get an idea of how they'll behave under various conditions. Things are simpler with SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete. We're about to check how it'll perform under a typical situation of a flash memory[?] card full of pictures coming damaged, corrupted or reformatted out of a digital camera.

Recovering Pictures from Flash Memory Cards

Flash memory cards used in modern digital cameras are way more robust and prone to mishandling than film. The memory cards are not sensitive to light, humidity and reasonable temperatures. It is quite difficult to damage a memory card if not doing it on purpose.

However, every once in a while these flash cards turn bad. Cold weather conditions, low camera batteries, software failures, accidental file deletion and formats can happen to anyone. If losing a bunch of recently shot pictures is not an option, you're about to start looking for an image recovery product. Good news is that there is no rush: if you don't use the damaged memory card for shooting, there's nothing bad happening with the files on it. You can take your time reading online reviews and choosing the perfect picture recovery tool to do the job.

SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete recovers digital pictures from flash memory cards, hard disks, and directly from digital cameras. Designed for situations that can happen to any digital shooter whether they are using a point-and-shoot or a digital SLR camera, SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete recovers all common image formats such as JPEG, TIF, PNG, or GIF, as well as RAW files produced by dSLR cameras, including CRW, CR2, RAW, TIFF, TIF, NEF, PEF, X3 and other RAW formats.

We were able to test if SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete lives up to the expectations by intentionally corrupting a memory card. Producing a corrupted flash memory card is easier than one might think. Don't do it at home! In order to test SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete, we shoot 10 consecutive pictures in RAW+JPEG format with Canon 40D onto a SanDisk Ultra II 4Gb CompactFlash[?] card. The camera is lightning fast in taking those pictures, but it takes a while to store them onto the flash card due to the lower write speed of the CompactFlash compared to 40D's buffer memory. Therefore, when we took away the flash card while the camera was still writing pictures onto it, we've got just what we aimed at: a perfectly corrupted CompactFlash card. The card wouldn't even show up as a readable disk when we inserted it into the card reader!

It's time to give SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete a run. We ran SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete, and let it scan the card. The recovery wizard completed in just a few seconds, showing 4 pairs of JPEG and CR2 files. When SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete attempted to display previews of these files, one of the JPEGs showed up corrupted. Right; we've extracted the memory card at the time the camera was saving that file onto the card. Selecting the non-corrupted pictures, we were able to recover them onto the disk in just a few seconds.


SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete works perfectly well for corrupted memory cards. It is fast and easy to operate with the step-by-step wizard. It shows previews of images that it finds in real-time during the scan operation; a nice touch we haven't seen in similar products. At just $45, SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete is highly competitive. Compared with similar recovery tools by DiskInternals, SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete finishes nose-to-nose. Giving it a notch for the real-time preview of recoverable pictures during the scan, SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete costs just $5 more than DiskInternals Flash Recovery ($40). DiskInternals Flash Recovery can also recover movies. Which one to get? It's really up to you. Download both, and buy one that you like more. They're both excellent products, and they both do what they are meant to do.

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