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File systems:

Partition table

Partition table is in the same sector with the MBR by offset 1BE. The PT size is 64 bytes (for description of a partition 16 bytes are set aside, so 4 partitions are described at the maximum). It is indicated for each partition if it is loadable/active (the first byte of the description: 80 H – active, 0 H – not active); the partition start address (in cylinders, heads and sectors), system code, the partition end address, the logical partition start address (in sectors) and the quantity of sectors in a partition. All this can be viewed by means of old but indispensable program Diskedit in the as partition table mode. As a rule, there are one or two partitions on the majority of disks: Primary DOS and (if available) Extended DOS. PT is created by the FDISK utility when splitting the hard drive into partitions.

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