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Compact Flash is a flash memory standard which appeared among the first. The standard was developed by SanDisk Corporation in 1994.

Specification for this standard is developed by the CompactFlash Association. As technologies developed, this standard developed too. First, the CompactFlash Type II was launched (capacity up to 320 MB, reading speed up to 1.5 MB/sec, recording speed – 3MB/sec), then the CompactFlash 2.0 or CF+ (the reading speed reached 8 MB/sec, the recording speed – 6.6MB/sec); in the end of 2004 a new standard version appeared (it supports the UDMA33 and UDMA66, data transfer rate was increased to 66MB/sec).

In 2005 the maximum storage capacity of the CompactFlash interface reached 12 GB.

The CompactFlash cards size is 42×36 mm, their width is 3.3 mm, CompactFlash Type II – 5 mm. The CompactFlash Type I cards can be inserted into slots of both standard sizes; the CompactFlash Type II can only be inserted into slots for CompactFlash Type II. CompactFlash of both standard sizes has 50-pin connectors.

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