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If you have a bad CD or DVD that you can’t read then DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery is the solution. It recovers inaccessible files from disk by intelligently skipping bad sectors and reading all the data that it can. The trial version can recover files up to 64KBytes for free.

DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery 3.0
Author:DiskInternals Research
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CD and DVD disks have become a common storage media. Being relatively cheap, small and handy, the CD & DVD disks aren’t perfect and fail from time to time. Whether physical damage or an overwritten session has caused the failure, there still is a solution! Its name is DiskInternals CD & DVD Recovery, and we will study it in today’s review.

Have you ever experienced a loss of data due to a damaged CD disc? Or maybe you’d burned a DVD-RW and just erased all the information that was previously there. DiskInternals CD & DVD Recovery can easily recover data in those cases. It also deals with the errors of burning, failures due to unexpected power outage, lost sessions and other problems related to CD & DVD issues. The application recognizes ISO 9660, Joliet and UDF file systems, and works with any type of CD & DVD media, including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVR+R, DVD-RW, DVR+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, and DVD-RAM.

DiskInternals CD-DVD Recovery - Main Window

If you have bad CD discs that you want to recover, or if you did something wrong when burning and lost your data from a newly recorded disk, then go on and download a free demo-version of the recovery tool, and see if it can recover the lost information.

The installation runs smoothly, so you can begin with the recovery right away. At startup, the application asks if you want to enter the licence code to register the program or run a trial. The trial version cannot recover files more than 64kB in size, but otherwise it’s identical to the licensed copy. Let’s take a try and run it in demo mode.

DiskInternals CD-DVD Recovery - Wizard

The first thing you notice is the recovery wizard. It will guide you through the recovery process, but you can turn it off if you wish, and do a manual recovery. At the first step, the wizard will propose you to choose a CD/DVD-ROM drive that has a disk inserted and from which you want to recover the files. From there, you can also specify a separate folder on any drive. On the next step, the wizard will ask you for a file mask to search for or to choose from various types of files to do a deep search. Using the last option, you can search for known file signatures (like multimedia and office documents) even without having a file structure left on a disk.

DiskInternals CD-DVD Recovery - Media Selection

The next step prompts you with a few options such as date of lost files and their estimated size. All these parameters are not necessary, but can speed up the disk scanning process. After setting all those parameters just press Next to start searching, and have a cup of coffee, because on really bad disks it can take some time to finish.

When the scan completes, you should see the results in the main window. I’d like to say some praises about the interface: it’s cute, simple and elegant. It is obvious that the developers tried to give us, the users, as much comfort as possible. The interface has much in common with Windows Explorer, so there is no need to waste time trying to understand it – everything is simple. You can use the preview window to see what’s in a file and check its integrity. And if you can see a preview, then you will be able to recover that file. The preview works with all common types of files: multimedia, office documents, etc.

DiskInternals CD-DVD Recovery - Recovery Preview

To select the files that you want to rescue just drag&drop them into a special area named “Files to Recovery”. It comes very handy when your disc has a very deep directory structure, and you need to recover files from many directories at one go.

After that, you can save all selected files to HDD using export wizard. There you can define the export folder to save the recovered files to, and set whether or not to maintain the original directory structure.

Features for advanced users include session and track selection and hex preview. Track selection can be useful if you want to recover files from a specific session. Hex preview can sneak inside a file and show you a raw Hex byte-by-byte view of any file.

DiskInternals CD-DVD Recovery - Hex View

In conclusion, let’s review some situations, where DiskInternals CD & DVD Recovery could come to the rescue:

  • Damaged discs, bad sectors and unreadable data - you can recover files from damaged CD/DVD disks, skipping bad sectors or filling them with zeroes. On movies, pictures and text files this can lead to some insignificant defects, but the file itself would be viewable.
  • Lost and overwritten sessions - when you write to multi-session disks, you can choose either to continue the last session or start a new one. If you mistakenly lost data on previous sessions by writing a new one, you can still recover those sessions using DiskInternals CD & DVD Recovery.
  • Power failure or equipment malfunction - if your CD/DVD recorder hasn’t finished the disk, and you cannot see any files on it, try opening it using CD & DVD Recovery. The application will search for files using low-level routines and rescue everything it can find.
  • CD/DVD-RW drive was formatted - the application can help here as well. Run a deep search to find all files that were on the disk before formatting. Save them in a safe place.
DiskInternals CD-DVD Recovery - Recovery Preview

DiskInternals CD & DVD Recovery can solve all these problems and many more! You will have a great assistant to help you stop worry about troublesome discs. Consider that the free demo version can recover files smaller than 64kb, and the tool immediately becomes a must-have first-aid kit for any computer user.

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