CD/DVD recovery tools

Ever had a CD or DVD spinning, making funny noises but not yielding any data? Scratched, damaged and aged discs can exhibit this behavior. Discs with logical errors such as unfinished sessions or burn errors can also be problematic. CD/DVD recovery tools can often help you retrieve data from damaged, scratched or corrupted optical media without the spinning/stopping effect and temporary system lockups that happen all the time if you try reading them with Windows. Our comprehensive reviews based on first-hand experience will guide you through the differences between different CD/DVD recovery products.

Recover Disc 1.0

Recover Disc helps you extract data from damaged or incorrectly burned CD and DVD discs when regular software can't read them fully or partially. This tool extracts the intact portion of your data and tries to restore problem areas.

DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery 3.0

If you have a bad CD or DVD that you can’t read then DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery is the solution. It recovers inaccessible files from disk by intelligently skipping bad sectors and reading all the data that it can. The trial version can recover files up to 64KBytes for free.

DVD Unlocker 1.1

Watch any DVD with no restrictions! Do you need a menu at the DVD disk? If not you can jump directly to the movie. You have bought a license DVD on your vacation and it doesn’t play at your DVD drive? No problem, we will remove region check and encode decoded DVD disk. Boring to watch warnings and nag screens? Already cut off. Take it easy, DVD Unlocker requires zero interaction just enjoy the movie you like.

CD/DVD Data Recovery 1.0.921

Repair data from damaged, scratched and unreadable discs with CD/DVD Data Recovery. If you have some important files on a damaged CD/DVD that don’t copy in an ordinary way, then you must try CD/DVD Data Recovery – it will scan disk sectors and try to copy all recoverable information to your hard disk. It works best with text documents and multimedia data, like audio, video and images. The program can recover files from discs with ISO9660 and UDF file systems.

CDRoller 6.40

CDRoller finds and recovers the lost CD and DVD data. Key features: 1. Effectively retrieves the data from the "drag and drop" discs. 2. Recovers CD and DVD data created by digital cameras, camcorders, DVD recorders. 3. Tests discs. 4. More...

CopyRator 1.60

Professional data recovery utility for damaged or defective CD, DVD, floppy disk, and other storage media. CopyRator supports recovering all types of files like documents, applications, videos, music files, images etc.

Durable Copy 1.1.2

Durable Copy is new program, which lets you to safely copy the files containing unreadable sectors.