Crypto Helper 1.0

This is a freeware Windows Explorer extension. Crypto Helper integrates into the file context menu, adding two new items: Get Sign, Check for Sign. Check and generate MD5, SHA1 and CRC32 signatures. Verify the integrity of any file you’ve downloaded. presents: Crypto Helper – the first product in a new series of useful freeware utilities for your comfort.


It is a freeware Windows Explorer extension. Integrating into a file context menu, it can always be in a click of a button.
Crypto Helper adds two new context menu items: Get SignCheck for Sign.


Ever experienced a problem with these tricky hashes? Were you always looking for a tool to check or generate them? So here it is – Crypto Helper can handle various cryptographic signatures – generate hashes and check file integrity.


Three most popular cryptographic signatures are supported:
  • MD5
  • SHA1
  • CRC32

To generate a file signature or to check the integrity of a newly downloaded file, just click on the file with the right mouse button, and choose the appropriate menu option.

Crypto Helper starts with the system startup, so you won’t have to run it each time you need to check a signature of generate a hash. It is always there – in a right-click context menu, ready in one click.

The hashes can be easily copied to clipboard for use in other applications. And fast hash checking is also available.

Hash generation and verifying can be useful to check if the file wasn’t modified – verify its integrity. It is widely used in internet downloads, backup data verification, virus protection, etc. Three hashes together can guarantee that the file wasn’t altered somehow, that it is just the same file that it was on the moment of hash generation.

Installation is fast and easy. Just run the setup executable and pick a directory where to install the program. And start using the utility right after the install. Crypto Helper is ready immediately, without any restarts needed.

Full uninstall is also supported.

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SEOSmart Future PR 1.5

SEOSmart Future PR checks 94 Google data centers to obtain your Web site’s Google PageRank with a single click. The new SEO tool is completely free to use, and returns all 94 results in a matter of seconds thanks to the use of multiple threads to query the different Google data centers simultaneously. There are no captcha codes to enter, no pop-up windows and no ads to distract you.

Considering buying a domain name or purchasing links from a Web site? Make sure its PageRank rating is solid and protect yourself from purchasing links from Web sites with inflated or dropping ratings by checking the site’s PageRank value with multiple data centers. Google PageRank is being constantly updated, and may vary among different data centers. With SEOSmart Future PR, you are just one click away from checking the domain’s PageRank value over 94 different Google data centers, ensuring the validity of the site’s PR rating.

Monitoring your own Web site? SEOSmart Future PR makes it easy to detect PageRank changes early by querying multiple data centers in a matter of seconds thanks to the newly improved high-performance multi-threaded algorithm. Usually, all data centers will report the same PageRank. If one or more data centers start displaying different PageRank values than you’re used to see, you may be witnessing the beginning of a PR update.

Know more Google data centers than SEOSmart Future PR has to offer? Add or modify data centers’ URLs or IP addresses at any time by simply editing the datacenters.txt file! The new release of SEOSmart Future PR makes it possible to use authorizing proxy, and allows text or CSV export of the query logs. Compared to Web services that offer to check Google PageRank, SEOSmart Future PR features no ads, no pop-ups and no captcha codes. SEOSmart Future PR is small, fast and completely free. Save time querying domain names for Google PageRank!

Free File Wipe 1.5 proudly presents a first freeware file wiper from a new line of handy freeware tools. Free File Wipe allows you to delete any file easily and securely and none of the unerasers would bring it back. Enjoy this great tool for free.

Imagine a situation when you must delete/erase some data or file forever. This can be some secure data about your accounts or passwords stored on hard, floppy or flash disk.

But in fact, MS Windows (and other OS) doesn’t delete data in a secure way. They just marked deleted files in internal file allocation table as deleted and don’t erase it physically. So this is why you can restore deleted files with an eraser. Of course, it’s good news when you want to recover some accidental files or data, but, as noted above, it could be a trouble for you, if you want to delete something securely.

But has a solution for you! It’s called Free File Wipe, the freeware file and data wiper with a simple and user-friendly interface, but with good wiping algorithms.

Free File Wipe allows you to delete/erase/wipe any file from any media easily and securely and none of the unerasers would bring it back.

When you’ve deleted a file with Free File Wipe it’s gone forever.

Just complete these simple steps:

  1. Download the software from this page (red link at the bottom of this page).
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Run Free File Wipe.
  4. Choose disk, directory and file.
  5. Click Delete File button.

Enjoy this great tool for free.

Backup Platinum 4.0

We can’t imagine modern technological era without data backup. If you care about your data – then the backup is absolutely obligatory! Backup Platinum can provide you with all the range of necessary tools for secure, fast and reliable backup. It uses 128-bit Blowfish encryption and compression algorithms keeping your backups secure and small.

“Back up my files?! Are you kidding? Is that a real thing you have to do? I always thought that that was just like… you know, a figure of speech.”

“Strong Bad” of Homestar Runner

Are you still thinking that performing regular backups is only for big corporations with big bucks and thousands of servers that work day and night? Let me assure you that backing up your data is just as normal as brushing your teeth in the morning. And it’s as important too. It is the care about the health of your data.

It’s easier than you think

Backing up isn’t that hard as someone might imagine. With the help of modern automated software, backup is made simple and affordable even for a house-wife.

In today’s review let’s analyze one really interesting realization of such automated backup system – Backup Platinum by SoftLogica.

Efficient design

What do you think is an effective design of a backup application? SoftLogica solved this problem by implementing Backup Items. The Item is a single and simplest building block of your backup system. Every Item can contain several files and folders and can have its own backup properties (backup schedule and location). So all your backup can be organized with just several Items, set up to backup specific files to a specific location at a needed time.

And it’s really comfortable to work in such way! Say, you create “Documents” Item, place My Documents folder in it, some folders with documents from another drive, etc. Then set it to backup all this stuff to flash-drive or DVD every Friday at five o’clock. And you’re done! It will grab all your data from specified folders every Friday and back it up at the end of the day, and you won’t have to worry about the safety of your documents anymore – everything will be done automatically.

Is it a convenient solution, isn’t it?

On-the-fly backup

Using VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) technology, Backup Platinum can perform backups in a background while you continue to work. VSS allows copying of open files, so there are no more messages like “This file is used by another program” or conflicts. But one little disadvantage is that VSS works only under Windows XP/2003/Vista and only with NTFS file-systems.

Windows Service mode

SoftLogica Backup Platinum can be installed as a Windows Service to perform backups even if no one is logged in to the system. This can be very useful on servers because there is no need to hold users logged in all the time.

Wide selection of backup media

Backup Platinum provides you with several options where to put your backups. And it’s a wise idea not to restrict yourself backing up to local hard drives or CD/DVD disks – because any local disaster (like fire) can destroy all your data from your main workstation and all your backups at once. Thus there are some “distant-backup” options available – backup to another computer on LAN and secure FTP backup to many servers on different sides of the globe. That way – only Armageddon can make you lose your files (and I can bet you won’t need them after that).

Unfortunately, tape backup isn’t supported, but we’ll leave it to complex (and expensive) backup systems, don’t we?

Anyways, optical disk backup is presented fully – CD, DVD and even BluRay disks are supported. And with automatic volume splitting it is a pure alternative to tape or network backup, especially if you store the disks in a safe place away from the main site.

Precise scheduling makes your life even better

Say that you don’t like to forget things, do you? Even more – you wouldn’t like to lose data because of you forgot to make a backup yesterday evening. Put everything on an automatic schedule and it won’t happen again! No more headaches about forgetting something – cause computers are made to automate things and make life easier.

Powerful scheduling abilities of Backup Platinum can schedule your backup in any crazy and complex way you can ever imagine. And it will never forget to run another backup – even if you turn off your workstation it will do a backup on the next power on.

Enhanced security

For your safety, SoftLogica took care of data security for a safe and trustworthy backup. Though all Backup Platinum security is actually a strong 128-bit Blowfish ZIP encryption, this is more than enough to make sure that no curious hands ever reach your private data. So you can safely pass Blowfish-encrypted data through the internet and don’t worry about it.

Folder synchronization

In addition to backup possibilities, Backup Platinum provides us with synchronization features. For example, you have a desktop workstation and a notebook computer and wish to work on both, but you are fed up with copying data from here to there, comparing files in folders – which files did you modify, and which you didn’t? It’s easy if you have a dozen of files, but what if there are hundreds of them? Here synchronization comes to help you.

Backup Platinum compares files in folders, their size, modification time and other parameters that you’ll set in Synchronization Options – and then synchronizes folders relying on these parameters. So, the process looks like that: set up synchronization, do some work on PC, press “Synchronize” and continue working on the notebook! Easy, isn’t it?

Try it! Free.

And for the last bit – Backup Platinum is free (during the first 30 days, of course). There is a 30-day fully functional trial period, for which you can test Backup Platinum free of charge. But this is definitely enough to get a taste of backing up your data and seriously think about purchasing a license.

If you didn’t yet decide about whether you need to make backups or no, it is just the right time to take a try, and free up your head from “Oh my God, I lost my data!” fears.

Kernel Outlook PST Repair 4.04.01

Kernel Outlook PST File Recovery Software

Repairs and restores email from damaged or corrupted Microsoft Outlook PST file. Software quickly recovers accidentally deleted email messages from the “Deleted Items” folder in Outlook.

Kernel Outlook PST File Recovery Software, repairs and restores data from damaged or corrupted Microsoft Outlook PST file. Microsoft Outlook uses a .pst (Personal Storage File) file to store all email messages, contacts, notes, journals, tasks and folders. Software scans the damaged .pst file and extracts the recoverable email messages into a new usable .pst file, enabling Outlook PST File Recovery. Software also allows you to recover accidentally deleted email messages that have been emptied from the “Deleted Items” folder in Microsoft Outlook.

Kernel Outlook PST Repair Key Features – Recovers emails, folders, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, Repairs password protected PST files, Restores Email messages formatting, Recovers encrypted pst files, Supports repairing of files having size bigger than 2GB, Recovers deleted email attachments, Recovered messages can be saved in the .eml or .pst file format, Supports PST Recovery of files created using Microsoft Outlook 97, Outlook 98, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003