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Friday, July 25th, 2008

SanDisk introduced new write-once memory cards Secure Digital (SD). These unusual devices were named SD WORM (Write Once Read Many). According to developers, the new SD cards will impact industries where unalterable content is essential, and can be applied in anything from police investigations, to court testimonies, electronic voting, etc. SanDisk assures customers that there is “no physical way to alter or delete individual recorded files”. The SD Worm cards will be compatible with any computer gear that supports the Secure Digital format. In the right storage conditions, the cards will last up to 100 years. Some analysts predict that the SD WORM will replace analogue storages like photofilm. SanDisk is eager to get a support from SD association to approve the new specification as an industry standard. At the moment, only 128MB iteration is available although larger versions are well on their way to the market.