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Friday, September 5th, 2008

As reports, the Intel corporation has officially launched the new X18-M and X25-M solid-storage devices that are customized for portable computers and desktops. Intel’s SSD is uses NAND flash memory built on MLC technology instead of a single level cell (SLC) design. At the moment, X18-M (1.8 inches) and X25-M (2.5 inches) have 80 Gb capacity. The reading speed of the device is 250 Mb/sec; recording speed is 70 Mb/sec. The device is connectible to a computer via a Serial ATA interface. These new Intel’s SSDs demonstrate very high level of operating speed results. In addition, these SSDs substantially decrease power consumption and are more reliable than machines which contain moveable parts. By the end of the year, Intel plans to introduce 160 Gb SSDs. Furthermore, in the near future the X25-E Extreme model for high-end servers will be released. This SSD will be built on single level cell technology, with reading speed 250 Mb/sec and 170 Mb/sec.