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Sunday, September 7th, 2008

As a part of its “Quicksilver” project, IBM presents a new solid-storage device, sized at 4TB, the TechRadar website reports. The Project Quicksilver SSD hopes to replace spinning disks with faster and more powerful SSD’s. The mighty 4.1TB SSD is 250 times faster than the world’s fastest disk solution (so far, Mtron Storage Technology’s 128GB SSD was a revolutionary invention due to be produced beginning this year). The industry has already “crossed the 1TB threshold” since Seagate began to sell 1.5TB drives, however there are no harddrives with comparable capabilities. Performance improvements of this sort mean a lot for business, since two to three times as much work can be done in a given time frame. Besides the obvious speed and size advantages, the Quicksilver also is a power-saving device, since it uses about 50% of a standard set-up’s power and cooling, and its size is considerably smaller than its predecessors.