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Monday, June 9th, 2008

DiskInternals Access Recovery repairs corrupted Microsoft Access databases, and restores or recovers Access 2000-2007 .mdb and .accdb database files from damaged disks. Unlike other database recovery tools, DiskInternals Access Recovery’s capabilities aren’t limited to fixing database headers or repairing damaged structures; the program actually reconstructs the entire structure of a database by splitting it record by record, and assembling the records into a new database. The built-in Uneraser engine makes it possible to automatically restore deleted databases. The PowerSerch engine thoroughly scans the surface of the hard drive to locate all MS Access files on the disk. Even if the disk is damaged, reformatted, or its file system is corrupted, the program is capable of detecting and recovering Access files. One of the new features of the program is the support of Microsoft Money .mny databases.